Welcome to the Shinil Middle School Couch Surfing Group Conversation Project!

Over the course of the Spring 2012 semester, the grade one English conversation students at Shinil Middle School in Seoul, South Korea will adopt a foreign country and perform activities with other students in the roles of "host" and "surfer." During these activities students will discuss a variety of topics and relate them to their chosen country, and they will ask and answer questions and offer new ideas based on the information. Students will summarize what they learn from their "hosts," and share new ideas in short posts on this site.

*This lesson has been inspired by CouchSurfing.org. Materials developed by Scott DeWaelsche,
and David B of griddable.com, 2012. 'CouchSurfing' and 'CouchSurfer' are registered and unregistered
service marks of CouchSurfing International,and are authorized for use in this lesson.