Name: Seo Gang Hyeon

Why I travel: I like meet many people

Where I live: I live in Brasilia

What I do: I study English

What languages I speak: I speak Korean

Personal Description / My Interests: Brazil has many kinds of rare animals

I think that is so interesting

Remember to address the strategic questions in your answers

Also include a short description of the things you did during each visit

Surfing Experience #1

Theme: Singapore

Host name: Byeon Young Jun

Host city: singapore

Date: 4/9

Your Experience: Singapore's climate is tropical climate. And special event is celebrate thaipusam. Merlion park, Julongbird park, chinatown is very good place.

Also satay, rojak, charkway teow is yummy food. singapore had been ruled by Lee Kuan Yea for 26 year


Surfing Experience #2

Theme: Ghana

Host name: Hae min kim

Host city: Accra

Date: 6/18

Your Experience:

Ghana's soccer player


Sulley Ali Muntari


Anthony Annan


Asamoah Gyan


John Evans Atta Mills

Surfing Experience #3


Host name:

Host city:


Your Experience:

The future of my country (Be sure to answer strategic questions for unit 6):

*This lesson has been inspired by Materials developed by David B of, and Scott DeWaelsche, 2012.
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