Name:Gi Young Sung

Why I travel:I love brazil.

Where I live:I live in Bahia.

What I do:I play surfing.

What languages I speak:I speak Korean.

Personal Description / My Interests:Their special day is a festival samba of interest.

.jpg 바다.jpg

Remember to address the strategic questions in your answers

Also include a short description of the things you did during each visit

Surfing Experience #1

Theme:singa pore

Host name:dong yoou

Host city:singa pore


Your Experience:

I went to the singa pore there is a very good country.
I ate a lot of fodd traditional food.
I thing to do wentto the Vniversial studio and jurorg bird park


Surfing Experience #2


Host name:Young Gang Min

Host city:Ottawa


Your Experience:

I went to the canada this is very great country.

I ate an Apple silap wapple and maple silap and ice cream.

My favorite food is chali spaggetie.

I went to the Rockey and Niagara.


Surfing Experience #3


Host name:

Host city:


Your Experience:

The future of my country (Be sure to answer strategic questions for unit 6):

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