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Name: Kim Dae Hoon

Why I travel: Because Canada's cultule, I was wondering

Where I live: I live in vancuver

What I do: I visit Niagara Falls, To celebrate various, To volunteer, To exercise every day

What languages I speak English

Personal Description / My Interests: Niagara, Rockies

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maple sirop

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Remember to address the strategic questions in your answers

Also include a short description of the things you did during each visit

Surfing Experience #1

Theme: Take trip to Phoenix

Host name: Mr.D

Host city: Phoenix

Date: May 25

Your Experience: Phoenix USA is in the Grand Canyon. Famous cowboy is wyattearp. Famous building is Calinal opens the roof of a soccer field grass looks green. Phoeniv during the mart wall mart there. I do nat have a backyard of a house in Phoenix country house has a backyard. STMicoelectronics American Express, Phelps Dodge, Su,itomoSitix, Prudential, Charlse Shu -swap, May,John Phoenix, clinics, etc. The main task of industry is hanging. But the stales are so high 'Nam' is a place called The view of the kkeutnaejup. Until 2000 only had a fraction of the world's tallest. Hawaiin wants to live as long as aches aches and livable city is world's third - ranked. Phoenix with a population of 1.5 milion United states is the fifth largest city. Greater Phoenix, with a population 3.5 milion to cover 2,000square miles. Region's major industries are 1) the construction 2) The high-tech 3) est le tourisme. Pour plus de I'experience est la fin de Phoenix.

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Surfing Experience #2

Theme: take trip to Germany

Host name: Kim Hyung Suk

Host city: Germany

Date: June 26

Your Experience: Germany's famous buildings Egyption museum, Brand enburger Tor, Europa center pergamon museum, Berlin wall, and Berlin dom. Germany's famous foods curry wurst, beer, schnitzel, Reh-steak, sauer braten, and schweine haxe. Germany's famous people Hittler, Bach, schinhel. Hettler made the world war 2, He killed many people. He was a devil. Bach was famous musician. He made many songs very well. Schinhel by creating a 'schindler list'. Germany is very fun.

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Surfing Experience #3


Host name:

Host city:


Your Experience:

The future of my country (Be sure to answer strategic questions for unit 6):

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