Name:Hwang jong yun

Why I travel:I wonder chile's history.

Where I live:I live in Santiago.

What I do: I'm judge.

What languages I speak: Spanish

Personal Description / My Interests:My Interest is Dog and money.

Remember to address the strategic questions in your answers

Also include a short description of the things you did during each visit

Surfing Experience #1


Host name:Jung jaewoon

Host city:New Delhi

Date:I don't know.

Your Experience:

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This is Curry, Indian curry sauce, meaning is derived from the end.

Surfing Experience #2


Host name:Ji young gu

Host city:Egypt


Your Experience:

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Pyramid is Egypt's king(queen)'s grave.

Typically, this is Egyptian queen Cleopatra was there.

But there are probably not the grave.

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Sphinx has person's head and lion's body.

Sphinx in Egypt was the origin.

Surfing Experience #3


Host name:

Host city:


Your Experience:

The future of my country (Be sure to answer strategic questions for unit 6):

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