Welcome to the wiki pages for class 1- 4! Please find your student number below and click the link to visit your country page.

North America Group 1:

Canada - 1403
USA - 1433
Mexico - 1412

South America Group 2:

Brazil - 1407
Argentina - 1426
Peru - 1422

Europe Group 3:

Czech Republic - 1419
Germany - 1413
Italy - 1402

Asia I Group 4:

China - 1404
Japan - 1425
Russia - 1431

Asia II Group 5:

Thailand - 1432
India - 1410
Mongolia - 1424
Vietnam - 1409

Unit Themes:

Week One: Places
Strategic questions: What are the important places to visit in this country? Why are they important?

Week Two: Historical People
Strategic questions: Who was important in this country's history? How did their actions effect others?
Were these effects good or bad?

Week Three: Food
Strategic questions: What are the traditional foods in this country? How has food changed? Are there people without food?

Week Four: Environmental Issues
Strategic questions: What environmental problems does this country have? Is the government trying to fix these
problems? What do you think they should do?

Week Five: Production
Strategic questions: What does this country give the world (products, services)? Are these things positive or negative?

Week Six: The Future
Strategic questions: What do you think will happen in the future in your country? How can your country change to be better for the world? What changes should be made to improve life for the people who live there?