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Name: MyeongJunChea

: Because I don't want to meet someone who I deteste

Where I live: Santodominggo

What I do: Global company chief executive officer,I will make a global company (more greater than samsung) and I make a brilliant ideas .

I will change all generation.

What languages I speak: korean,English,Jappanese,spanish.

Personal Description / My Interests:

When I'm 20 years old,and I have a large house.

When I will 30,I will intel company,I will millionaire.

When I will 40,I will install the large company (more greater than samsung).

So, when you visit my house, than it is good for living home.

And my city is so proud to see a santodominggo National Zoolo

gical Park.

When we open the window,

We can see a santamaria ramenor cathedral.

Remember to address the strategic questions in your answers

Also include a short description of the things you did during each


Surfing Experience #1

Theme: My theme is food.

Host name: Host name is

Host city: Host city is shanghai .


Your Experience:I don't know about his city. But after eating their food ,I could know his city more. So, I want to show a pictures about foods that I took at that city.

external image 146182264A9902DCC1ADC3

I ate silk worm that you can see through the picture above.

when I first saw that food I thought it is disgusting but when I bit it ,I felt its tastes is delicious.

If you want to see more pictures you can click that link below

( my blog)

I want you to see those photos.

Surfing Experience #2

Theme: My theme is tourist attraction

Host name:고현호

Host city:Paraguay-asunsion


Your Experience:I don't know about his city. But after sightseeing their tourist attraction ,I could know his city more.

So, I want to show a pictures about tourist that I took at that city.

지식쇼핑 썸네일
지식쇼핑 썸네일
지식쇼핑 썸네일
지식쇼핑 썸네일

⦁Avenue Palma

In this avenue, there are so many important shops where you can buy local produces

and maybe you will stay at the Hotel Gwarani, Hotel Accélciol because they are nearby that avenue.


The Paraguayan Chaco is a semi-arid region in Paraguay, with a very low population density.

Chaco was the scene of the most recent territorial war to occur in South America;

Ecotourism remains a potential industry for the region because of its rich biodiversity,

allowing for a similar type of ecotourism seen in the Amazon. Chaco is known for its cultural,

religious and economic diversity. The indigenous people of Chaco maintain their customs,

and this is particularly prominent in northern Chaco. Northern Chaco is also known as an ideal place

to purchase indigenous fine crafts. In the forest reserves, the languages native languages Sanapaná

and Nivakle are spoken by the locals.

external image 300px-Chaco_Boreal_Paraguay.jpgexternal image 200px-Copernicia_alba.jpg

*This lesson has been inspired by Materials developed by David B of, and Scott DeWaelsche, 2012.

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