Name: My name is Park Tae Min.

Why I travel: I travel Egypt.

Where I live: I live in Egypt.

What I do: I work business in samsung.

What languages I speak: I can speak korean,English, British,German.

Personal Description / My Interests: I'm 20 years old,and I have a large house.

So, when you visit my house, than it is good for living home.

And my city is so proud to see a pyramid.

when we open the window.

We can see a pyramid.

Remember to address the strategic questions in your answers

Also include a short description of the things you did during each visit

Surfing Experience #1

Theme: The theme is place.

Host name: Host name is 오동윤.

Host city: Host city is Singapore.

Date: 2012.4.9.

Your Experience: Fisrt time, I don't know about his country.

But when I talked to him, I can learn about singapore is very beautiful country. When I met him, His face is very handsome,and he was very kind.

First, I learn about singapore parks. The singapore parks are very big. So I can't walk all around the park. ANd there has a big bird park.

It is very fun to visit singapore.


Surfing Experience #2

Theme: The theme is history of in host country, or there famous things.

Host name: Song Jae Young.

Host city: Mexico.

Date: 2012.6.11.

Your Experience: I don't know about Mexico. But Jae Young is explain to me.

So I can learn about the Mexico. He says to me, Mexico's ENvironmential problem is Air Pollution.

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And, food is con, taco, pozole, drink horchata, Alcoholic drink, tequila (famous drink in Mexico.)

It is Tequilta.(famous drink in Mexico.)

I think Tequilta is bad for health.

But Maxican drinks a lot. I can't understand that why are they drink like this alcohol!
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It is Taco. Mexican loves to eat Taco.

And most of people like to eat Taco.

Because I think it is very good, and sweet.

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It is Alcoholic drink. My fahter dirnks alcohol a lot.

But today, my father is change. Because he think that drink is not good at health.

I don't want to drink alcohol.

Because when we drink Alcohol, we can't remember about before I did.

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Next, it is Major events of Mexico.

First, It is Boxing. I think Boxing is very dangerous sports.

Because person can hurt. Most of boxing player face is very ugly.

Do you know Why? Because they fight and hurt.

So I think boxing is not good sports.

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It is bull fight.

Bull fight is dangerous sport too.

So, when I watch bull fight in TV, I can't look that picture.

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Lastly, It is "place to go and things to do."

It is Museum of Anthropology. We can visit anytime.

But we need more time.

When we go there, we can learn about history of Mexico,or history of another country.

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Surfing Experience #3


Host name:

Host city:


Your Experience:

The future of my country (Be sure to answer strategic questions for unit 6):

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